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Many years have gone by since 30th July 1843, when the Preferential Bathing Establishment was first inaugurated in Rimini at the dawn of seaside tourism in Italy and the world.

Almost 170 years later, this beach is famous all over Europe and is still one of the most loved and sought after by tourists from Italy and abroad. Rimini has been able to comprehend, and often anticipate, their wishes in a tradition founded upon the very culture of hospitality.

Rimini’s success can be attributed not only to the classic winning formula of seaside holidays for every one, with family run hotels, good cuisine, beach facilities and the warm hospitality of Romagna, but also in the ability of the local people to inspire creative development and continually come up with new ideas. Now there are almost 300 hotels open all the year round, ready to accommodate the thousands of managers and businessmen who arrive in town to attend trade fairs (at one of the most modern facilities in Europe) or international conferences.

This latter influx is destined to further increase in the future thanks to the ultra-modern complex housing the Palacongressi Congress Centre only a short distance from the historic town centre. Even lovers of active holidays and wellness choose this capital of the Riviera as their preferred destination.

An ancient heart is still beating in Rimini and in recent years this historic aspect has rediscovered its antique splendour, authoritatively drawing the attention of visitors looking for new cultural stimuli. From monuments dating back to Roman times (Arch of Augustus, Bridge of Tiberius, Roman Amphitheatre, the Surgeon’s House - internationally unique) to others of Mediaeval and Renaissance origins, the lover of beauty will find satisfaction.


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